Über Singh Boncard

Singh Boncard is counted as one of the most important composers of the PERRY RHODAN universe.
As PERRY RHODAN author Hans Kneifel, whom I greatly appreciate, often mentioned music of the
composer Singh Boncard in his novels, I have chosen this pseudonym.
Again I would like to thank Pabel-Moewig Verlag for the permission to use this name.
The spheric sounds of electronic music open completely new worlds, similarly to the adventures of
PERRY RHODAN. Particularly the typical structure of so called "Berlin School"* pieces of the 1970s is
extraordinarily fascinating due to their long lasting sound pads and hypnotic sequences.
Electronic music, though, has many facettes, ranging from relaxing or hypnotic pieces to trance or fast
techno music. Therefore I have occupied myself with several styles, which is reflected in significantly
different characters of my albums.
*The main protagonists, such as Klaus Schulze and Tangerine Dream, lived in Berlin during this period.

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